The Application of Longer Product in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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The Customer Requirements:

1. Drugs are directly related to the health and safety of people. To ensure the quality of drugs, the entire pharmaceutical production process requires the precise transfer of fluids in a pollution-free environment.

2. Flammable and explosive organic solvents are always needed in the pharmaceutical production process, this can lead to fire and explosion hazards. So some production workshops require special fire and explosion prevention measures to ensure safe production.

3. The biopharmaceutical process requires the biological substance isn’t damaged during the transfer of fluids.

4. Filling packages with liquid drugs requires a filling machine with high precision and productivity.

Longer Pump Solution:

1. Longer's Peristaltic Pumps have a wide range of flow rate range, which can be easily controlled. Repeatable dispensing accuracy is achieved by precise speed control and calibration. The low shear and gentle pumping action ensures that biological substances are not damaged during pumping. When pumping fluids, the fluid only comes into contact with the bore of the tubing, thus eliminating the risk of contamination between the pump and fluids.

2. Longer's Dispensing &Filling System has high filling accuracy and efficiency. The system can be configured using between 4 to 32 peristaltic pump heads, and a filling volume of 0.2ml/s-48ml/s can be achieved, it has a dispensing accuracy of up to ±0.5%.

3. Longer also provides the Pneumatic Peristaltic Pump PH600. Using a pneumatic motor as a drive unit, which is operated by compressed air, the pump is suitable for use in many server environments, such as hot, dusty, vibrating and explosive environments. 

Customer Value:
1. Ensure the proportion of the medicinal ingredient 

The high dispensing precision of Longer peristaltic pump (<2%) precisely ensures the drug ingredient.

2. Eliminate the contamination risk during the fluid transferring
Using Longer peristaltic pump, the fluid only contacts the bore of the tubing during the fluid transferring to eliminate the risk of the pump contaminating the fluid, or the fluid contaminating the pump.

The tubing of Longer peristaltic pump can be changed simply, providing easy and fast fluid change with no cross-contamination. 

3. Reduce the biologic substance damaging and protect the substance integrity

The low shear, gentle pumping action of Longer peristaltic pump ensures the biologic substance will not be damaged.

4. Suitable for the severe environment to ensure the safety production

Longer pneumatic peristaltic pump PH600 uses pneumatic motors as drive unit, which is operated by compressed air. The pump is suitable for application in many server environments, such as hot, dust, vibrating and explosive environment.

5. Easy operation and maintenance help with high productivity and low maintenance cost
Easy pump operation and tubing change of Longer peristaltic pump minimize the downtime and maintenance cost.
Pneumatic peristaltic pump has overload protection. When the overload happens, the motor will stall but not be damagea. And the pump can run continuously at high-speed for a long time in severe environments.

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