dLSP 501X Digital Split-type Syringe Pump
dLSP 501X Digital Split-type Syringe Pump

dLSP 501X Digital Split-type Syringe Pump

$ 1,759,567.00

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Remote pump drive unit with compact structure and small footprint
High precision and pulseless delivery, suitable for small liquid volume transfer and handling
7 inch high-definition LCD touchscreen
Multiple work modes

Flow rates:0.6096um/min-190.5mm/min

Max. Number of Channels:32


For high precision fluid dosing, especially for laboratorial application.

Product Instruction:

Remote pump drive unit with compact structure and small footprint, ideal for hand-held or clamping devices
High precision and pulseless delivery, suitable for small liquid volume transfer and handling
7 inch high-definition LCD touchscreen, easily constructs a multi-function system with up to 4 drive units, and each drive unit could have independent parameters.
Multiple work modes, including infusion only, withdrawal only, infusion/ withdrawal, withdrawal/ infusion, and programmable modes, for various applications.
PLC or computer can control multiple drive units through RS485/ Modbus RTU. Each drive unit can be controlled independently with individual parameters.
Parameters can be saved as a method, which can be stored on the controller and imported/exported to a USB flash drive, simplifying the parameter configuration and facilitating parameter sharing between different drive units.
Powerful features, including the lock screen function, three-level access management with password protection, log recording, and electronic signatures, ensure the safety, accuracy, and compliance of operations.

Technical Specifications

Product model Drive unit dLSP 501S dLSP 501L
Controller dLSP uC
Work mode Infusion only, withdrawal only, infusion/withdrawal, withdrawal/infusion, programming (on PC software)
Display 7 inch HD LCD
Control mode Touch screen controller Control 1-4 separated drive units with preset parameters through touch screen controller
PLC/ Computer RS485 communication interface, Modbus RTU, 1 group consists of up to 8 drive units, 1 computer can independently control up to 5 groups
Stroke of the drive unit 70mm
Pusher advance per microstep 0.095um/ustep 0.099um/ustep
Linear speed 0.6096um/min-182.88mm/min 0.635um/min-190.5mm/min
Linear speed resolution 0.6096um/min 0.635um/min
Linear travel accuracy ≤±0.35%(when travel≥30% of the stroke)
Linear travel CV 0.03% (rated travel)
Linear force (Rated) 15N (the force can be set 20%-100%) 30N (the force can be set 20%-100%)
Syringe 0.5uL-250uL (built-in manufacturer, or user-defined) 0.5uL-1000uL  (built-in manufacturer, or user-defined)
Flow rate calibrate Calibrate the user-defined syringe for better flow rate /dispensing volume accuracy and precision
Parameter method Up to 100 parameter methods can be stored on the controller and can be imported/exported to USB flash drive
Programming function Parameter configured based on work flow on PC software: infusion, withdrawal, delay, repeat, up to 16 steps
Screen lock Prevent misoperationg
User access control Three levels of user access (administrator, developer, operator), each user can have an exclusive password
Log record Record the pump operation history, and can be exported to a USB flash drive
Electronic signature There are electronic signature on the log record for FDA 21CFR Part11 compliance
Pump state when power up The default state is stop, can be set to continue to run through communication commands
Fast forward/backward Infuse or withdraw liquid at full speed
Controller dimensions (L X W X H) 187mm*123mm*39mm
Controller weight 0.6kg
Drive unit dimensions (L X W X H) 170mm*35mm*58mm 180mm*45mm*74mm
Drive unit weight 0.31kg 0.51kg
Power Supply AC 90V-260V/10W

Other parameters

Product model dLSP 501S dLSP 501L
Syringe (μL) Syringe ID(mm) Flow rate for reference
0.5 0.10 0.0048nL/min-1.435uL/min 0.0050nL/min-1.495uL/min
1 0.15 0.0108nL/min-3.230uL/min 0.0112nL/min-3.365uL/min
2 0.20 0.0191nL/min-5.742uL/min 0.0199nL/min-5.982uL/min
5 0.35 0.0586nL/min-17.586uL/min 0.0611nL/min-18.319uL/min
10 0.50 0.1196nL/min-35.890uL/min 0.1246nL/min-37.386uL/min
25 0.80 0.3063nL/min-91.879uL/min 0.3190nL/min-95.707uL/min
50 1.10 0.5790nL/min-173.709uL/min 0.6032nL/min-180.946uL/min
100 1.46 1.0200nL/min-306.014uL/min 1.0625nL/min-318.765uL/min
250 2.30 2.5315nL/min-759.437uL/min 2.6369nL/min-791.080uL/min
500 3.25 - 5.2651nL/min-1579.543uL/min
1000 4.61 - 10.5936nL/min-3178.092uL/min