dPOFLEX GP01 Industrial Peristaltic Pump
dPOFLEX GP01 Industrial Peristaltic Pump

dPOFLEX GP01 Industrial Peristaltic Pump

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For Industrial Applications

Product Instruction:

dPOFLEX GP01 Industrial Peristaltic Pump Available in stainless steel housing,For Industrial Applications;Flow Rate:0.001-17L/min;IP66 for wet and dusty environment,Supporting fieldbus communication control, digital signal control,analog signal control, and pump status output。

Main Functions and Features

Available in stainless steel housing and cast aluminum housing for variety of applications
IP66 for wet and dusty environment
Supporting fieldbus communication control, digital signal control,analog signal control, and pump status output
Three-level user authority management, with electronic signature and audit trail functions, meet 21CFR Part 11 and GMP lab requirements
Integrating multiple sensors: fluid leakage sensor, open-head sensor and flow rate sensor, to realize predictive maintenance

Technical Specifications

Pump drive model:dPOFLEX GP01
Housing material:Cast aluminum
Speed range:0.1rpm-265rpm, CW/CCW
Speed resolution:0.1rpm
Display:4.3 inch LCD, Chinese or English
Clock function:Year/month/day/hour/minute can be set, hours and minutes are displayed on the running screen
Work mode:Flow rate mode, dispensing mode, calibration mode
Flow rate mode:Pump runs continuously at the set flow rate,and displays flow rate and pump speed on the screen
Flow rate setting range:1.1ml/min-17.0L/min (depending on pump head and tubing)
Dispensing mode:Pump repeats the dispensing at set volume, cycles and interval time, and displays single volume, dispensed volume, dispensed cycles/target cycles on screen
Volume of single dispense:1.0mL-274.9L(depending on pump head and tubing)
Dispensing cycles:1-9999 (0 for unlimited)
Interval time:5s-9999s
Calibration function:Improve the flow rate and dispensing volume accuracy
Control mode:Keypad control, external signal control and communication control
Communication control:RS485 or TCP/IP(optional) interface, Modbus RTU, Industrial Ethernet(optional), Profibus DP (optional)
External control:Speed control: 0-10V, 4-20mA
Start/stop, direction control: 5V-24V logic level signal or relay signal (dry contact)
Status output:Pump Speed: 0-10V, 4-20mA, frequency signal (optional)
Running/stop, direction, tubing leak alarm: relay signal (dry contact)
Open head sensor:Pump will stop when pump head is open for enhanced user safety
Status when power up:Stop
Keypad lock function:Enable the keypad lock function to lock the keypad automatically after 20s standby, (start/stop key will not be locked)
Tubing leak detection:Detect the tubing leak and give alarm (optional)
Flow rate measurement:Measure the flow rate by connecting flow meter (optional)
User access control:Three levels of user accesses (administrator, technician, operator)
Electronic signature and audit trail:Meet the requirement of FDA 21CFR Part 11
Log record:Record 90 days operation history, and can be exported directly
Support IQ/OQ:Meet GMP requirement
Certificate:CE, UKCA
EN 61010-1:2010,EN IEC 61010-2-201;EMC:EN IEC61000-6-2,EN IEC 61000-6-4
Power supply:AC100-240V  50/60Hz
Operating condition:Temperature: 5℃-40℃, relative humidity≤100%
IP rating:IP66
Weight (drive only):≤17.6kg

Other parameters

(Product Code)
Pump Head Roller Number Tubing Reference Max. Flow Rate (L/min)
GPH01 2 26# 73# 82# 184# 15 L/min
GPH02 2 186# 188# 17 L/min
GPH03 4 186# 188# 14 L/min
LPH01 6 186# 188# 187# 13.5 L/min