MP Series Micro Piston Pump
MP Series Micro Piston Pump

MP Series Micro Piston Pump

$ 7,403.00

Main Functions and Features

Step Motor Port Motor Parameters Photoelectricity Sensor Port
Color Definition Item Parameter Wire Color Definition
Black A Step angle 1.8° Red +
Green A Phase 2 Black -
Phase Voltage 2.4V White +5V Power Supply
Red B Phase Current 1.2A Blue Signal output
Blue B Resistance 2.0Ω±10%
Inductance 4.2mH±20% Green Ground

Technical Specifications

Item Parameter
Accuracy ≤0.5% (Rated Stroke)
Reproducibility ≤0.1% (Rated Stroke)
≤0.5% (≥10% of full stroke)
Rated Stroke (step) 12.5mm(2000 steps)
Resolution 0.00625mm (1 step)
Piston speed ≤12.5mm/0.8s (Pump Volume≤1mL)
≤12.5mm/1s (Pump Volume≤2.5mL)
≤12.5mm/1.2s (Pump Volume≤5mL)
Pump life ≥5 millions cycles
Initial position detection Output low TTL at initial position;
output high TTL at other position.
Pump pressure ≤0.68MPa
Port configuration 2 internal thread 1/4″-28
Dimension (L*W*H) 137.7×61.25×45 (mm)
Humidity 20% - 80%。
Temperature 10℃ - 40℃
Weight 0.51kg

Other parameters

Type Product Code Pump Volume Pump Head Material
MP25-1L-A 050701A 25uL PMMA
MP25-1L-B 050701B 25uL PEEK
MP50-1L-A 050702A 50uL PMMA
MP50-1L-B 050702B 50uL PEEK
MP100-1L-A 050703A 100uL PMMA
MP100-1L-B 050703B 100uL PEEK
MP250-1L-A 050704A 250uL PMMA
MP250-1L-B 050704B 250uL PEEK
MP500-1L-A 050705A 500uL PMMA
MP500-1L-B 050705B 500uL PEEK
MP1000-1L-A 050706A 1mL PMMA
MP1000-1L-B 050706B 1mL PEEK
MP2500-1L-A 050707A 2.5mL PMMA
MP2500-1L-B 050707B 2.5mL PEEK
MP5000-1L-A 050708A 5mL PMMA
MP5000-1L-B 050708B 5mL PEEK