Peristaltic Pump Head BZ Series
Peristaltic Pump Head BZ Series

Peristaltic Pump Head BZ Series

$ 3,420.00

Product Introduction

The peristaltic pump head BZ series is an original design and ideal for OEM. The pump has high reliability and can be stacked for multi-channels application. Each pump head has fixed occlusion, and accommodates a single size of tubing. When loading the tubing, the pump head needs to be removed from the drive.
Flow rates-≤1600ml/min
Max. Number of Channels1

Main Functions and Features

Model Roller Number Speed
Tubing Max Flowrate
BZ15-13-A 3 600 14# 150 0.31
BZ15-13-B 16# 460
BZ15-13-C 25# 960
BZ15-13-D 17# 1600
BZ25-13-B 18# 1600

Technical Specifications

- Stable operation and stackable
- Compact size
- Dismounting the pump head from the drive is need when loading the tubing
- Standard pump head, fixed occlusion
- Ideal for OEM

Suitable Tubing for BZ series Pump Head

Type BZ25 BZ15-13-D BZ15-13-C BZ15-13-B BZ15-13-A
Tubing 24# 17# 25# 16# 14#
Tubing (outter diameter) 11.2mm 9.6mm 8mm 6.4mm 4.8mm
Tubing (inner diameter) 6.4mm 6.4mm 4.8mm 3.2mm 1.6mm

BZ Series