WT3000-1FA Micro Gear Pump
WT3000-1FA Micro Gear Pump

WT3000-1FA Micro Gear Pump

$ 37,558.00

Product Introduction

WT3000-1FA micro gear pump are specially designed for batch dispensing and filling applications. The pump has LCD, which could display the parameters and running state. The flow rate control mode is for continuous fluid transferring, and the dispensing control mode is for dispensing the fluid at desired dispensing volume. And the flow rate calibration and dispensing calibration ensure the high precision and accuracy. Different pump head materials ensure the chemical compatibility. The outlet pressure changes along with the change of flow rate, and the max pressure could be 0.8Mpa. The pump could be controlled manually through the control panel, and also could be controlled through the external control signal.

Flow rates85.7-2571.4ml/min

Max. Number of Channels1

Main Functions and Features

- Acceptable pump heads: MG204, MG209, MG213
- Flow rate function: Deliver the liquid according to the set flow rates.
- Dispensing function: Dispensing volume, cipy number and pause time can be set.
- Calibration function: The flow rates and the dispesning volume can be calibrated to increase the accuracy.
- Operating mode: Membrane keypad
- Prime function for fast filling and emptying
- External control input: Control the flow rates and start/stop of the pump
- External control output: Output start/stop and speed signal.
- Footswitch: Control the start/stop of the pump
- Communication function: Realize computer control through RS485 interface.
- Memory function: Store the running parameters automatically.
- Cooling mode: Heat-emitting fan
- Running directions: Clockwise

Technical Specifications

- Flow rates: 85.7 - 2571.4 ml/min
- Speed: 300 - 3000 rpm
- Speed accuracy: ±1%
- Speed resolution: 1.0 rpm
- Dispensing volume: 0.1 mL - 999L
- Copy No.: 0-9999, "0" means unlimited cycle
- Pause time: 1s to 999 hours, resolution: 0.1s
- Flow rate calibration time: 30-1800 seconds, resolution: 1s
- Communication: RS485
- Diameter of particale in liquid: ≤10μm
- Max. outlet pressure: MG204 - 0.8Mpa, MG209 - 0.8Mpa,  MG213 - 0.3Mpa
- Liquid temperature range: -45-50
with PTFE gear, -45-120 with PEEK gear.
- Viscosity of liquid: ≤200 CST
- External input control: Flow rate control (4-20 mA, 0.5-5V, 1.0-10V, 1.0-10KHz), start/stop control.
- External output control: 1.25-12.5kHz frequency output corresponding to 300-3000 rpm; start/stop status output
- Power supply: AC90-130/176-264V 50Hz/60Hz
- Power consumption: ≤50 W
- Operating condition: Temperature 0 to 40
, Relative humidity 90% no dew
- Drive weights: 2.83 kg
Drive dimensions(L×W×H): 232×142×149 (mm)
- IP rating: IP31

Other parameters

Pump Head Flow Rates(mL/min) Power Weight(kg)
MG204 85.7--857.1 Less than 50W 3.25
MG209 171.4—1714.3 3.26
MG213 257.1—2571.4 3.28