LSP04-1A 4 Channels Syringe Pump
LSP04-1A 4 Channels Syringe Pump

LSP04-1A 4 Channels Syringe Pump


Product Introduction
This laboratorial syringe pump is a four channels syringe pump which only has infusion mode. The acceptable syringe specification is from 10 μL to 10 mL. Suitable for high accuracy and small flow rate liquid transferring.
Flow rates0.831nl/min-21.675ml/min
Max. Number of Channels4

Main Functions and Features

- Syringe Selection: The syringe can be selected in the manufacturer table which includes manufacturer, material and size or input the inner diameter of the syringe barrel directly
- Easy to operate: Combining big screen LCD display with rotary coded switch and membrane keypad makes the operation simple and prompt.
- Working Mode: Infusion
- Memory Function:
1. The parameters are saved in EEPROM. The parameters don't need to be reset when power returns after an interruption
2. In flow rate mode, the pump remains running or stop according to the setting parameters when power returns after an interruption
- Protection Function: The pump will stall and give an alarm when the drive structure of the pump is blocked
- Communication Function: Realize computer control through RS485 communication interface
- External Control Function: Input/output control
- Calibration Function: Acquire accurate volume through calibration
- Syringe Protection: Adjust syringe rest to prevent syringe from damaging

Technical Specifications

Syringe pump LSP04-1A
No. of Syringes 1
Advance per Mircostep 1/16step: 0.156 μm
Infusion Volumn per Microstep 0.026 μL (10 mL BD Syringe)
Syringe Size 10 μL - 10 mL
Max. Linear Rate 130 mm/min
Min. Linear Rate 5μm/min
Flow Rate 0.831 nL/min -  21.675 ml/min
Working Mode Infusion
Linear Force > 9 kgf
Max. Step Rate 13867  (1/16step)/ sec
Min. Step Rate 16  (1/16 step) /30 sec
Accuracy ≤ 0.5% error in the condition of > 30% of max. infusion distance
Setting Mode Rotary coded switch and membrane keypad
Display 128 x 64 graphic LCD
Power AC 100 - 240 V
Operating Condition Temperature  5 °C - 40 °C       Relative humidity < 80 %
Dimensions 280 × 250 × 140 mm
Weights 4.5 kg

Other parameters

Syringe Syring ID (mm) Flow Rate (μl/min-ml/min)
10μl 0.5 0.001-0.0255
25μl 0.8 0.0025-0.0653
50μl 1.1 0.0048-0.1235
100μl 1.6 0.0101-0.2614
250μl 2.3 0.0208-0.5401
500μl 3.25 0.0415-1.0784
1ml 4.72 0.0875-2.2747
2ml 9 0.3181-8.2702
5ml 13.1 0.6739-17.522
10ml 16.6 1.0821-28.135