MP Series Micro Piston Pump
MP Series Micro Piston Pump

MP Series Micro Piston Pump


Main Functions and Features

Step Motor Port Motor Parameters Photoelectricity Sensor Port
Color Definition Item Parameter Wire Color Definition
Black A Step angle 1.8° Red +
Green A Phase 2 Black -
Phase Voltage 2.4V White +5V Power Supply
Red B Phase Current 1.2A Blue Signal output
Blue B Resistance 2.0Ω±10%
Inductance 4.2mH±20% Green Ground

Technical Specifications

Item Parameter
Accuracy ≤0.5% (Rated Stroke)
Reproducibility ≤0.1% (Rated Stroke)
≤0.5% (≥10% of full stroke)
Rated Stroke (step) 12.5mm(2000 steps)
Resolution 0.00625mm (1 step)
Piston speed ≤12.5mm/0.8s (Pump Volume≤1mL)
≤12.5mm/1s (Pump Volume≤2.5mL)
≤12.5mm/1.2s (Pump Volume≤5mL)
Pump life ≥5 millions cycles
Initial position detection Output low TTL at initial position;
output high TTL at other position.
Pump pressure ≤0.68MPa
Port configuration 2 internal thread 1/4″-28
Dimension (L*W*H) 137.7×61.25×45 (mm)
Humidity 20% - 80%。
Temperature 10℃ - 40℃
Weight 0.51kg

Other parameters

Type Product Code Pump Volume Pump Head Material
MP25-1L-A 050701A 25uL PMMA
MP25-1L-B 050701B 25uL PEEK
MP50-1L-A 050702A 50uL PMMA
MP50-1L-B 050702B 50uL PEEK
MP100-1L-A 050703A 100uL PMMA
MP100-1L-B 050703B 100uL PEEK
MP250-1L-A 050704A 250uL PMMA
MP250-1L-B 050704B 250uL PEEK
MP500-1L-A 050705A 500uL PMMA
MP500-1L-B 050705B 500uL PEEK
MP1000-1L-A 050706A 1mL PMMA
MP1000-1L-B 050706B 1mL PEEK
MP2500-1L-A 050707A 2.5mL PMMA
MP2500-1L-B 050707B 2.5mL PEEK
MP5000-1L-A 050708A 5mL PMMA
MP5000-1L-B 050708B 5mL PEEK