SP1-CX Valve CVY32 Industries Syringe Pump_ C
SP1-CX Valve CVY32 Industries Syringe Pump_ C

SP1-CX Valve CVY32 Industries Syringe Pump_ C


Product Introduction

MSP1-D1 is a compact OEM pump module designed to handle precision liquid handling application. The applicable syringes are special designed glass syringes from 500ul to 5ml. It is controlled by an external controller or computer through RS485 or RS232 interface and automates pipetting, diluting and dispensing function. The travel resolution per full step is bigger than MSP1-C2.
Flow rates0.5-150ml/min
Max. Number of Channels1

Technical Specifications

- Accuracy: <1% (rated stroke)
- Precision: Repeatability <0.5% (rated stroke)
- Rated stroke (steps): 30mm (1000 steps)
- Linear speed: 0.5mm/s - 15mm/s
- Time for rated stroke: 2s - 60s
- Control resolution: 0.03 mm (1 step)
- Transmission mechanism: Rack and pinion drive
- Plunger drive force (max.): >68N
- Secondary plunger drive force (max.) >34N
- Syringe: 500μl, 1ml, 2.5ml, 5ml
- Valve: Standard: 3 port 120°
- Valve plug turn time: <280ms between adjacent ports
- Wetted material: Borosilicate glass, PTFE, PCTFE
- Max. pressure: 0.68 Mpa
- Tubing fitting: 1/4"-28 thread
- Syring fitting: 1/4"-28 thread
- Signal input: 1 input signal  (TTL signal, drive current >16mA)
- Signal output: 1 output signals (OC gate signal ) to indicate the working state
- Communication interface: RS485 or RS232
- Bit rate: 9600 bps or 38400 bps
- Pump ID setting:  Set the pump ID through BCD dial switch (0 to E corresponding to pump address 1-15)
- Pump parameters setting: Set the parameters through DIP switch
- Dimension (L*W*H): 100*65*127 (mm)
- Power supply: DC12V/1.5A
- Operating temperature: 15 - 40

- Relative humidity: < 80%
- Weight: 0.9 kg

Other parameters

Power Supply Operating Temperature Current Relative Humidity Dimension (mm) Weight
24V DC 10-40℃ ≤1.5A <80% 100×65×127 0.9