KZ25 Quick-load Pump Head
KZ25 Quick-load Pump Head

KZ25 Quick-load Pump Head


Product Introduction

The pump head consists of stainless steel rotor, transparent PC housing and PPS compression block. The pump running state is visible through the transparent housing. The PPS compression block has self-lubrication function to reduce the tubing wear. And the tubing could be loaded and removed easily.
Flow rates:-≤6000ml/min
Max. Number of Channels:1

Main Functions and Features

- Cartridges and base can be separated. It's convenient to load the tubing
- Pump heads can be stackable
- Compact size and a wide flow range

Technical Specifications

Dimensional Drawing:


Other parameters

Model Roller Number Speed
Tubing Max Flowrate

KZ25-13-A (Long shaft)

3 600 15# 24# 35# 36# 6000 0.79

KZ25-13-B (Short shaft)