Slip-On Tube Stops
Slip-On Tube Stops

Slip-On Tube Stops


Product Description:
Slip-On Tube Stops
The adjustable stop slides over the O.D tube of the micro flow tubing to make a custom tube set just right for the application. Start by slipping the tubing through the stop. Slide it into the proper stop distance to match the Longer Pump head. A custom tube set is ready to go. The Slip-On Tube Stops make economical choice use of rolled tubing.   Slip-On Tube Stop can be used with these several deterrent Longer Pump head series  DG, WX10, and . The adjustable stops are color coded by size to minimize to reduce operator errors.

Slip on Color P/N

Fitted Tube Size

(OD x ID)

Pack Size
Yellow 05.40.90A 3 x 1 20
Blue 05.40.90B 1 x 1 20
Red 05.40.90C 2x1 or   2.4 x0.86 20
Black 05.40.90D 0.5 x 0.86 20