Technical Exchange Meeting Between LONGER and other Halma subsidiaries in Pharmaceuticals

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The pandemic of COVID-19 not only affects the global economy and life but also improves the attention to the whole pharmaceutical industry. Along with the increasingly fierce competition in the pharmaceutical field and the increasingly strict supervision in the drug safety market, how to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement is an arduous and complicated challenge. This requires pharmaceutical enterprises use advanced technologies to drive modern production.


Recently, Longer has again held a technical exchange meeting with several subsidiaries of HALMA, including Coasaco, Ocean Optics, and Alicat. At this activity, a comprehensive pharmaceutical equipment service provider was specially invited, which possesses full technical expertise in the pharmaceutical industry and devotes itself to supplying integrated solutions of pharmaceutical techniques, core equipment, and system engineering to pharmaceutical enterprises all over the world.


At the exchange, the subsidiaries of HALMA introduced their respective brands, products and services as well as successful cases in the pharmaceutical sector, to the participants.


The pharmaceutical technical equipment enterprise also expressed its interests in the products and the business model of HALMA and raised questions of greatest concern. Then, the subsidiaries of HALMA provided detailed answers for this enterprise.


Longer, as a supplier of fluid transfer solutions, has industry’s most complete range of product lines and rich application experience in the pharmaceutical field.


As the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly developing, the requirements of pharmaceutical process are becoming increasingly complicated. To grasp the new market opportunities, it is necessary to realize the simultaneous improvements of quality and quantity in pharmaceutical process and equipment, and the adoption of advanced technologies is of greatest importance to the realization of the final production quality.


The pharmaceutical production process places strictest requirements on production techniques and equipment. At various processes like culture medium transfer, concentration and extraction of effective constituents and filling of liquid medicines are the products of Longer playing an active role, by satisfying process requirements, ensuring high quality, and improving production efficiency.




In the future, Longer and other Halma subsidiaries will work jointly, keep focusing on the development of the pharmaceutical industry, and make more contributions to the development of the industry.


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