The Application of Longer Product in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical processes are mainly divided into chemically synthesized pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. The chemically synthesized pharmaceutical process produces drugs by chemical synthesis. And the biopharmaceutical process manufactures, extracts or semi-synthesizes biological medical products from biological sources, such as an organism, biological tissues, cells and body fluids, extracted using biotechnology. Pharmaceutical manufacturing can be categorized as the basic production of bulk drug substances and manufacturing of pharmaceutical preparations. The bulk drug substance is active drug substances, which can’t be taken by patients directly, is used in the production of various types of pharmaceutical preparations. And only when the bulk drug substance is processed into pharmaceutical preparations, the drug is available for the clinical use.

The Application of Longer Product in Liquid Filling Machines

The Liquid filling machine is a kind of packaging machine which fills packaging containers with a fixed quantity of liquid. The liquid filling machines can be classified into three types depending on their principle use, these are: vacuum filling machines, pressurized filling machines and filling machines which use atmospheric pressure. And according to the machine structure the liquid filling machines can be classified as either linear or rotary filling machines, they can also be classified as either single head or multi-head filling machines according to the quantity of heads. The liquid filling machines serve a wide range of applications, such as in the food & beverage industry, where packages are filled with milk, juice or water, or in the pharmaceutical industry where sterile medical packages can be filled with vaccines, sterile oral medicines or injections; and in the cosmetic industry, where packages are filled with skin care liquids or detergents.