MSP1-CX Industrial Syringe Pump
MSP1-CX Industrial Syringe Pump

MSP1-CX Industrial Syringe Pump


Product Introduction

Mainly used in OEM equipment and instruments, especially for lab automation systems and IVD application
Rotating valve, and misc. accessories available
RS485, RS232 or CAN bus communication interface
CE certified, RoHS compliant

Flow rates0.0025-250ml/min
Max. Number of Channels1

Technical Specifications

Main Spec
≤1.0 % (syringe ≥1 mL)
CV≤0.05% at full stroke (with syringe ≥ 1mL )
Wetted material
Dimension (L x W x H)
110mm x 44.4mm x 127mm
1.0 kg
Power supply
DC 24V1.5A (peak)

Syringe and Drive
Syringe fitting
1/4″-28 thread
50uL, 100uL, 250uL, 500uL, 1mL, 2.5mL, 5mL
Syringe material
Borosilicate glassstainless steel plunger with PTFE coating, PTFE or UHMW-PE plunger tip
Resolution (standard mode)
3000 steps with 0.01mm in 1 step
Resolution (microstep mode)
48000 microsteps with 0.625um in 1 microstep
Time for full stroke
Drive system
Ball screw drive with optical encoder

Valve & Valve Drive
Turn Time
≤250ms between adjacent ports
Valve options
Standard: 3-port valve, optional: 3-port distribution valve,  4-port valve, T-valve, Y-block
Max pressure
1/4″-28 thread

RS485, RS232, CAN busexternal control input and output
Data terminalOEM protocol (serial)  or  CAN
Baud rate
"RS485 or RS232: 9600bps or 38400bps
CAN bus: 100 KB, 125 KB 250 KB, 500 KB or 1MB"
Data bit: 8;  parity: none; stop bit: 1;  half duplex (RS232/485)

Topology group
Up to 15 pumps in one group, support group control and individually addressed
Upgrade firmware online
"One Click"  by customer  through PC Utility
Homing Algorithm
Plunger home position is identified by motor stall, which will reduce the dead volume of the system
Halt function
For better interactive control, "h " command is used to halt execution of the command string during plunger movement. To resume execution with "R" or "r" command
Microstep mode
Set microstep mode for smoother motion with 48000 microsteps per stroke, 1/8 microstepping or 1/16 microstepping
Programmable parameter
Programmable ramps, cut-off velocity, plunger speeds, backlash compensation,  programmable work-flow command set , delays and loops, terminate moves, diagnostics, absolute and relative positions

Operating temperature
Recommended: 15-40℃ ,use low temperature syringe for low temperature application
Operating Humidity
:<80% RH,  no condensation
Storage temperature
Storage Humidity
:<80% RH, no condensation