JL350-2J Large Flow Rates Pump
JL350-2J Large Flow Rates Pump

JL350-2J Large Flow Rates Pump


Product Instruction

JL350-2J Large Flow Rates Pump is ideal for high flow rates fluid transfer. The flow rate is from 1.3L/min to 15mL/min. Large Flow Rates Pump JL350-2J is driven by the AC motor, and the speed is controlled through the frequency converter. This pump is mainly for industrial application.
Flow rates:1300ml/min-35000ml/min
Max. Number of Channels:1

Main Functions and Features

- High-capacity pump
- Combine special convex rollers with concave compression block to run stably and prolong tubing life.
- Variable frequency speed control to AC motor with creeper gear
- Adjustable occlusion
- Strong drive
- Pump head operation is visible through transparent front cover

Technical Specifications

- Speed: 30 to 350 rpm, reversible
- Speed precision: 0.6 rpm
- Speed control: 0-5V,0-10V,4-20mA linear control
- Start/stop signal input:Switch signal control
- Direction signal input:Switch signal control
- Communication function: RS485 interface,Modbus RTU protocol
- Memory function: Storing the running parameter automatically
- Power supply:  AC 220 V ± 10%   50/60 Hz
- Power consumption: < 400 W
- Operating condition: Temperature 0 to 40°C, Relative humidity < 80%
- Dimensions (L × W × H): 417 × 401 × 321(mm)
- Pump weight: 32 kg
- IP rating: IP55

Other parameters

Pump Head Tubing Flow Rates(mL/min) Weight(kg)
KZ48 88#, 92# 35000 32

Tubing Loading Procedure

Tubing Fitting: