Peristaltic Pump Footswitch
Peristaltic Pump Footswitch

Peristaltic Pump Footswitch


Product Instruction

Footswitches provide convenient, hands-free operation of the pump drives. Longer Pump provides different footswitches with different interfaces for different pump.
Flow rates-
Max. Number of ChannelsMax. Flowrate Per Channel

Technical Specifications

Type Product Code Applicable pump model
JK-2 05.49.37B FK-1C
JK-3 05.49.37C Peristaltic pumps of BT series and WT series with DB15 port
JK-4 05.49.37D For LSP series lab syringe pumps, Trigger mode
JK-5 05.49.37E For TJ series lab syringe pumps
JK-6 05.49.37F For TS series lab syringe pumps
JK-8 05.49.37G YT600-1J
JK-9 05.49.37H For G300-3F, WT600-3J, WT600-4F, (not for WT600-3J-E/K and WT600-4F-E/K)
JK-15 05.49.37J For G series Industrial Peristaltic Pump
JK-13 05.49.37M FK1-100Z/FB16-1
JK-14 05.49.37N LPP01-100,need 2 pcs
JK-4-1 05.49.37R For LSP series lab syringe pumps,Gated mode