Peristaltic Pump Head BZ Series
Peristaltic Pump Head BZ Series

Peristaltic Pump Head BZ Series


Product Introduction

The peristaltic pump head BZ series is an original design and ideal for OEM. The pump has high reliability and can be stacked for multi-channels application. Each pump head has fixed occlusion, and accommodates a single size of tubing. When loading the tubing, the pump head needs to be removed from the drive.
Flow rates-≤1600ml/min
Max. Number of Channels1

Main Functions and Features

Model Roller Number Speed
Tubing Max Flowrate
BZ15-13-A 3 600 14# 150 0.31
BZ15-13-B 16# 460
BZ15-13-C 25# 960
BZ15-13-D 17# 1600
BZ25-13-B 18# 1600

Technical Specifications

- Stable operation and stackable
- Compact size
- Dismounting the pump head from the drive is need when loading the tubing
- Standard pump head, fixed occlusion
- Ideal for OEM

Suitable Tubing for BZ series Pump Head

Type BZ25 BZ15-13-D BZ15-13-C BZ15-13-B BZ15-13-A
Tubing 24# 17# 25# 16# 14#
Tubing (outter diameter) 11.2mm 9.6mm 8mm 6.4mm 4.8mm
Tubing (inner diameter) 6.4mm 6.4mm 4.8mm 3.2mm 1.6mm

BZ Series