TJ-4A/SL0104-1A Laboratorial Syringe Pump
TJ-4A/SL0104-1A Laboratorial Syringe Pump

TJ-4A/SL0104-1A Laboratorial Syringe Pump


Product Introduction

TJ-4A/SL0104-1A is syringe pumps, mainly used in veterinary medicine application. Drive unit has small size and lightweight, can be mounted on stereotaxic apparatus and micromanipulator. With 0.5μL~50μLmicro syringe, the pump can be used for intracellular injection, biological chemical dosing and cell separation in vitro with small volume in picoliters. The pump has wide range of linear speed (3μm/min128mm/min), can meet different speed requirements. The drive unit SL0104-1A, designed based on 30mm stroke syringes, has smallest size and lightest weight (only 258g). The drive unit SL0107-1A can accept most of manual glass syringes within 50μL volume in the market. 

Main Function
1) Work Mode: infusion, withdrawal, infusion/withdrawal, withdrawal/infusion, continuous
2) Flow rate calibration: improve flow rate accuracy
3) Display: volume, flow rate or linear speed can be selected and displayed on the LCD.
4) Power-off memory: When power on, operator can choose to continue previous operation or not.
5) Fast forward/ backward: infuse or withdraw liquid at full speed
6) Syringe user-defined: can store four user-defined syringe IDs.
7) State signal output: 2 output signals (OC gate signal) to indicate start/stop and direction.
8) 3 input signals (TTL signal) to control start/stop, fast forward and fast backward.
9) Communication Interface: RS485


Drive unit quantity 1
Stroke of drive unit 40mm
Syringe volume 0.5-50μL
Pusher advance per step 3.048µm
Linear speed 3.048μm/min~ 128.016mm/min(flow rate= linear speed* section area of the barrel
Linear speed resolution 3.048µm/min
Linear travel accuracy error≤±0.5% (when travel ≥30% of the drive unit stroke)
Min flow rate 0.054nL/min(0.5μL syringe)
Max flow rate 213.3μL/min(50μL syringe)
Linear force >10N
Controller outline dimension 178mm*112mm*67mm
Controller weight 0.5kg
Drive unit outline dimension 130mm*35mm*34mm
Drive unit weight 258g
Power supply AC 90V-260V/10W
Operating temperature 0℃~40℃
Relative humidity <80%

Other Parameter

Syringe pump Syringe Volume
TJ-4A/SL0104-1A 0.5 0.15 0.0539 2.26
1 0.2 0.0958 4.02
2 0.35 0.293 12.32
5 0.5 0.598 25.1
10 0.8 1.53 64.35
25 1.1 2.9 121.66
50 1.4567 5.08 213.3